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days had passed
hours had sliped away
every second seems like an agony for me
since the day you left.

your face
your smile
your care
and your everything
keep flowing through in my mind.

i think of
the moments we shared
the days we spent together
the sweet memories we had.

i wish we can be like before
i will be waiting for you
right here waiting for you.



Saturday, September 30, 2006

Almost done with the return of prelim results, and it's been a long time since I last popped by and dropped a post. Just want to wish everyone good health, and mental resilience ahha, before the As! It's all relatively managable if we try to inject some perspective into how we deal with things...and hence it's all not so bad. Show some spirit, haha, and take good care :) Chris

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

now that motherland has unblocked blogspot (i hope not temporarily), can someone please spice up this god forsaken place...


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Monday, September 11, 2006

good luck for prelims ppl! can do it one!


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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Brent here. Good luck for prelims ppl!

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


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Sunday, May 07, 2006

wa. been so long since anyone last stepped in here; even the tag board also cmi liao haha... juz popping by to say hello nonetheless. at least to those who still come here :) muz find some way to revive the blog liao...

ah long

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Sunday, February 19, 2006


on behalf of the senior class i'd like to say a big THANKEW to all juniors! we lub u deep deep ^_^

although the food isn't really good, the ambience wasn't really nice, the attendance wasn't really spectacular, but the bonding was great! hahas i guess we all enjoyed the games and interaction, with gareth's delirium and whatnot.. heh hehh hheehh

went to take tons of photos, especially all the seniors like sha and sab, all photo-crazy lol! make sure u share the photos, especially the ghostly ah long one! must-see! ask from sab!

ah long.

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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Hey hey, I haven't blogged in a while here...and so I thought I'd say somehting! I've been actively engaged in angel-mortal business and as I tried to be a responsible mortal/angel and fill my angels/mortals in about our class, I revisited the past year with this class, and considered again the personalities behind all the familiar faces I see every morning at the class bench, and reported faithfully everything true that I could share...and it's really quite simple, and I thought that the people directly involved ought to know...that 68 rocks and I (heart) it!

68 has come to mean a lot to me, and I never thought I'd like it this much, but I do and I've never been prouder being in a class!

Love lots XOXO Christine

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Wasssssssssssup dudes!

Sorry had to throw in a bit of ang moh flavour there. Ahem.

How's everyone ?! I heard orientation was fantastic eh! Anyway anyway anyway as some of you might have heard already I'll be taking a trip down to hc on friday 3 Feb during your 5 period break (sorry computing people i know yours is shorter than that) and so yep yep see you all then! 98950920 i THINK this is my new number in case anyone wants to contact me or just forward your numbers to me cos I dont want to be seen floundering around in school like a stranger and get chased out la ... cya all then!


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Saturday, January 14, 2006

wahaha like what jon said, 68 rox our ass off man!!

at first i thought out junior class like a bit sian sian like that, but they ended up to be so enthu! lolz!! the song session was great (though we were lalala-ing becos we dono lyrics) and the dance session was pwnz0rz as well.. haha the bonding was great!

we finally managed to show them a more proper 68 cheer (the na-na-na one) and the girls screaming were just insane. didn't realise that shalene can go as loud or even louder than chiok!! damn zai... my left ear still a bit blocked right now, it's damn powderful.

our junior class was so high lah, even higher than us; reach bus stop already still singing, lolz! supper was great (not really the food per se but more like the interaction) i finally can match some names to faces liao, people like suet, heng jie, genesis, cheryl, ying jie, hai han, samuel, shawn, marvin and some other random people i can still recognise, so hopefully i wont dao them when i meet them in the future lol

and omg my table (ndrool, eugene, siyu, i) drove the juniors crazy with the bee game thingie... they were like thinking SO hard, especially genesis lol! i bet they'll feel like killing themselves when they finally get the trick XD

hhaa i run out of things to write liao, realise that my entry probably sounds uber lame but i too lazy to polish it liao.. byez

05s68 AH LONG!

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Monday, December 26, 2005

hohoho. MERRY CHRISTMAS! hohoho.


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Sunday, November 27, 2005

HI I want to thank everyone for the cake and presents for both sab and I :D Hope everyone had fun...

Thanks to SAB for coordinating

Brent for coordinating the birthday part (opps she couldn not overlook it haha)

Andrew!! For the invitations, guestbooks, photo album, class T...

Sheenmao who graciously hosted :D

Everyone who contributed food

TEACHERS who came


Hope I didn't miss out anyone! Please TC AND ENJOY the hols

Heartfelt appreciation from chris, on behalf of the rest of the class

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11:40 AM

Heh, just asking if someone can post today's group photos online? Heh Mrs Wang's son is so cute!! Too bad I had to come late and miss out on all the preparations... only helped to eat :)

So many people came back tonight, Ker Min, Edmund, Victor were all there with us, playing pool, foosball, ping pong, bridge and tons of other junk lol... Mr. Chow turned out to be quite pro at pool also (probably calculated everything with phy. lol)

The food we prepared were also ownage, even when I arrived late there was still tons of konyaku (Ka Ming, Si Yu), fried rice/bee hoon/spaghetti (dunno who), DELICIOUS cheese cakes (Wei Jie) left. Gareth became full-time prawn peeler (though I didn't get to eat any) while everyone else just gorged themselves silly (still managed to leave enough for the teachers though)

The teachers who turned up were Mr. Chow (earliest, but still late), Ms Kee, Mr. Choe, Mrs. Wang (with son Keane).... It's just so sad that they are not going to stay with us next year :(

As of writing some people are still at Sheen Mao's palace place, probably staying over. Haha yeah this is all the stuffI can say right now, maybe someone else can post a follow up after this? And oh, Jas, wished you were here... it was really a great night...

p.s. I will seriously consider getting a haircut soon. Yeah. I will :)


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Friday, November 11, 2005

In just a few more hours, oral presentation will finally be over (yay!!) Wee end of project work ^_^

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Friday, October 28, 2005

Sorry jas for not posting on your big homecoming lol... guess we were all too busy >_<

just came back from halloween night with brent, coming, ndrool, siyu, sun yang, her friend, mao mao, eugene and christine... it was sooo sian!! guess the turnout was larger than council could have handled. we didn't even get to see gareth in action lah, since the tour was like so jampacked and delayed. waited for like 2 bloody hours without so much of a call or reply, and in the end they cancelled the thing cause it was too late. talk about pwnz0red.

the movie screening was okay (tons of screaming, even at the most irrelevant of all moments) and the disco thingie at the fishtank was actually quite well done with the dragostea din tei and everything (although we just stone inside) but the tour and maze kinda sucked...

the only saving grace tonight was by smao, who basically led the 11 of us to zum through the whole maze using brute force cos we were trapped so badly lololol.. i think we wrecked most of the walls and created a lot of doors that shouldn't have been :D

but overall it was still a wasted night... too much waiting, too little action :(

maybe council could have done a better job handling the logistics and anticipating the crowd...

g2g now... quite late already; tomorrow still must wake up to go school and play bridge lol...


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Friday, October 14, 2005

class T

design not finalised yet. esp the hair and the clothes. but the main look will be sth like that.



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Friday, October 07, 2005

Hello everybody. I hope everyone enjoyed today's class outing, cause I did! =) It is the result of the hard work of many people, (excluding me), including Sabrina, Chiok, Christine, Shalene, Jonathan, Eugene, Sheen Mao, Andrew, Honda and many people else whom I have not mentioned. 3 cheers for all of you! Class outings are meant for the class, so even if u don't play a part in organising, just by turning up you are already doing your part as the class. So, I hope, in future, we can have more people turning up for class outings. Possibly, the whole class! (I know it's quite hard because people got other commitments)

Anyway, this holiday is really meant for us to enjoy ourselves. Because next year we have to pia for A levels. And, it's the last year we get to enjoy as a class. So, we should try to have as many class outings as possible.

As for the next class outing, I am thinking of a stayover of some sort. Would anybody be interested? And, would anybody be interested in going Kbox?


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Thursday, September 29, 2005



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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Always dreamt of getting promoted? Working hard all day long, and wanting to gain some recognition? Well, your chance is here finally!

Promotional exams are scheduled as follows:

30 Sep Friday - GP + Physics
3 Oct - Econs
4 Oct - Maths
5 Oct - Chem
6 Oct - Computing

Anyway, on a more serious note, what do we do on 5 October after promos? We have approximately 5 days of holiday after promos, so we could have a class chalet, but I think tt's quite sian. Please suggest.

As for the mugging outing, it is now being held in school each day from the time lessons end to 7pm. Venue is either class bench or reading room. Everyone is welcome to join.


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Sunday, September 11, 2005

hello hello everyone!
thanks for supporting oac. thanks for supporting ME! hee didnt really expect so many of you to buy! especially those who bought for me! thank you christine thank you sunyang thank you brent thank you jonathan thank you kaming thank you wenxiang thank you wangxu thank you peinee thank you siyu (cheapskate! haha! ) thank you honda thank you eugene thank you sheenmao thank you diwei thank you engmeng ( a pity you dont have money! ) thank you victor thank you gareth (your voice did change la )
YAYE thanks everyone! our class stall did well too right? although that person took away our stall bahhh and really sorry that i didnt really help much but song session was fun! and the cheer is great! :D
68 rocks!

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Thursday, September 08, 2005

COC Outing Part 2
Some suggestions I have received:

1) Organise the outing in Escape! Do your mugging in the Viking ship, roller coasters, and much much more! Plus, you can also mug while queueing up, saving time.

2) Organise the outing in a zoo. Maybe the zoo will organise a Mug With Ah Meng day. Or maybe we can just go to an air-con room in the zoo to mug.

3) Mug in PS. The highest level on PS, near the cinema, near The Star Factory. Might be a little noisy and unconducive.

4) Go to Jon's house to mug. Jon has promised to air his collection of videos for us.

The outing will probably be organised in the weekend after GP. More suggestions are welcome. Please feedback.


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Sunday, September 04, 2005

YAYE class outing! :D
lets go changi airport it sounds so fun
i hope they wont chase us away

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Friday, September 02, 2005

COC Outing!
Yo it has been a long time since our class had an outing. Since promos are looming ahead, and I am getting owned in so many tests, I propose a mugging outing at some library or maybe even Changi Airport. It could be at school, or it could be outdoors. The more pro people please try to make it for this outing as we need you to help us. People who are interested, please inform me then I can do something about it.


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Friday, August 12, 2005

eh how come nobody has been posting anything? the blog is sooo stagnant! if too lazy to blog, at least tag lah... must find some way to spruce up this place soon...


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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

This entry is dedicated to the most recent class outing! I have the most exciting and wonderful piece of news to share, haha! (But i think most people know it already, nevermind nvermind, haha!)

(I learnt how to ride a bicycle!)

Okay la, though people keep telling me, "Don't care about falling...bound to fall sooner or later!", I didn't fall that much and badly at all, but I screamed a lot, haha. Lots of heartfelt thanks to everyone for their encouragement, to weijie for really coaching me haha (love you!), to wenxiang siyu and uncle who haha laughed at and with me and cycled with me, slowly, haha :D Weijie ah, has proven to be a patient teacher haha. She was encouraging me all the way haha and praising my sometimes lame efforts! Damn cool, weijie, you rock totally!

These are Andrew's contributions:

"Thanks to all those who went "to visit me at chalet" quote weijie and sunyang..... POOT

"Tired but happy la....

"Blading was fun...

"Even falling down was fun, even though SOME PEOPLE relished my mishap."

Haha, ok. I didn't go on Sunday, i.e. the 3rd, and I didn't stayover on the 4th. So, who turned up at 1 pm at the meeting place? According to Andrew, they are yewloong, wangxu and sheenmao, haha. Before I can dig out more details, Andrew has gone to sleep.

On monday, we went shopping to buy food for the bbq, then we went back to the chalet. We thought the room looked filthy, haha. (Shalene had said "sleazy" as seconded by honda when he arrived much later.) However, according to brent, it was very clean the night before. So the girls went to fetch chiok while some guys went to swim. After we met up with chiok and had lucnh (we weren't counting on the reserve of cup noodles), we joined the other guys who weren't swimming at pool. This is where weijie and I opened a table to learn it, haha. After pool, we cycled (HAHA lalalala)/ bladed, and then we started preparing for the bbq.

Bbq was nice! Lots of food which tasted decent and better! After dinner everyone just bummed around - talking, cards................................

After I left, I heard "somebody" set the bin on fire! Then some watched dark waters while the rest slacked and crapped outside................................Nice to call me then while I was rotting at home waiting for my hair to dry................................

Those who stayed over are reaching home haha because one by one they are coming online................................

To end, haha, I had lotsa fun, and glad most made it! Cheers, Chris

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Friday, June 24, 2005

Wishing everybody:


I sent an e-card: http://www64.123greetings.com/card/06/24/02/23/CT20624022340745.html


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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

yo 68, just dropped by to wish all u fellas gd luck for BTs...

i'm just sick of looking at the notes liao lah, all don't understand one, esp chemistry >_<

sian... lucky got chalet to look forward to... =) thx ndrooooooooooooool

mug on, ppl!


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11:21 PM

hehe a chalet to look forward to if someone actually booked it man.....how to enjoy if no chalet?dont be too happy first lar.not bursting bubble or anything :)
anyway.....yea a chalet has been booked.

Duration: 3 to 5 july (sunday to tuesday)
Venue: Coasta Sands Resort Downtown East
Check in time:after 2.30pm
Check out time:before 10.30am
Cost: $15-$20/pax (chalet unit+snacks+drinks)

fyi: no bbq pit has been booked.so if wan to have bbq let me know asap so that i can book the pit.

mugg on pple.
boy i need help in phy+chem

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Friday, June 10, 2005

yeah okay the blog looks neater now but i think you should remove the pic at the top and add in OUR photo haha but you shouldnt remove the music cause i like it haha cause its a nice song dont you think? anyway yday bbq was fun except that i had to visit the toilet once when i reached home and two or three more times when i woke up this morning, okay, this afternoon. anyway we were discussing how to celebrate end of block tests on the train home. a chalet or buffet. heh please comment. _sabbb

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10:31 PM

YES! brent has bestowed me e power to change e blog settings. HEHE.

mebbe i shld remove e backgrd music. saves me&chris e trouble of muting our speakers whenever we visit e blog. HEHE. i see many of u guys noddin ur heads in agreement..but i shall listen to chris and NOT remove e blog simply bcos brent seems to like e music pretty much. o_O ok..and mebbe cos he did tell me not to screw up e blog and i tink removing e music is tantamount to screwing it.

hmm. ok. gonna put on links to e class outing pics etc. :)

<3 kermin

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